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WCTC2024. World Cutting Tool Conference Osaka,JAPAN [Date]May.21-24 2024 [Venue]Osaka International Convention Center President’s Message

World Cutting Tool Conference 2024 (WCTC 2024)
President Katsuhiro MATSUMOTO
President Katsuhiro MATSUMOTO

We are pleased to announce that the World Cutting Tool Conference 2024 (WCTC 2024) will be held at the Osaka International Convention Center in Osaka City from May 21 (Tuesday) to May 24 (Friday), 2024. We would like to thank all of you for your support.

This international conference had been initiated by Mr. Anders Ilstam, former president of the ECTA (European Cutting Tool Association), and it had been organized as the World Cutting Tool Conference (WCTC) in cooperation with the USCTI (United States Cutting Tool Institute). As for Japan, the Japan Solid Cutting Tools’ Association (with 16 members including Kazuo KOYANAGI, former president of the Japan Solid Cutting Tools’ Association) participated in the first conference (April 1998, Florida, USA), and since the second conference (May 2001, Edinburgh, UK) we have been participating every time as "Japan Cutting Tool Association (JCTA)", a joint organization with the Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturer’s Association and the Japan Solid Cutting Tools’ Association.

This will be the second time that the conference will be held in Japan, following the Kyoto conference in 2013, which had been the first conference to be held in Asia.

This time it will be held in Osaka, which is undergoing a dramatic transformation in preparation for the World Expo 2025. We hope that this conference will produce great results and contribute to the further development of the industry and the international cooperation.